Debat Inggris

Debat, kata itu adalah kata – kata untuk melakukan ungkapan berargumen dan menyanggah argumen orang lain supaya memperjelas maksud dan tujuan serta kesimpulan masalah, itu memang sering di tonton di televisi nasional tetapi ketika konteks debatnya dalam bahasa inggris agak sedikit ragu – ragu.

aku sendiri mengeri bahasa sunda, bahasa jawa, bahasa minang, bahasa cina, bahasa jerman, bahasa belanda, bahasa jepang bahasa arab bahasa inggris tapi untuk mengungkapkan dalam kata – kata yang sangat lancar sesuai dengan keharusan kata – kata itu sulit.

Bahasa ibuku Sunda, Bahasa Ayahku Jawa, Bahasa Bangsaku Indonesia bahasa yang pernah dipelajari Cina, Jerman, Jepang, Arab dan bahasa inggris tetapi yang dapat kugunakan hanya bahasa ibu dan bahasa nasional serta sedikit bahasa inggris dan sedikit bahasa arab. entahlah ada ganjalan apa yang mendorong ku kurang yakin berbahasa asing dalam konteks kata dan pengucapan.

Debat inggrisku juga lumayan aneh

Materi Debat Pertama

Adalah : This House Would Prohibit There Student From Bringging Their Vehicle To School

the use of vehicles in the school at this time was even more alarming, especially motorists who still do not have a driver’s license. there are a lot of influences yan produced by students include:

1 . Skipping school .

This in my experience when the school first , the average friends who frequently miss school are those who bring personal vehicles . So there is a chance , albeit without a clear purpose , the term simply muter – muter with their community , instantly ‘ pull ‘ without a second thought .

2 . Traffic accidents and speeding on the highway .

Because of their age are still unstable and difficult to control emotions often cause this to happen . There also are still less able to bring the vehicle properly . I like when yesterday morning to the market , there is a junior high school student body posture petite , piggybacking his brother who was in elementary school . When cornering want to avoid a car , a little shaky and almost fell . When I look at him maintain balance , it turns out her feet are still on tiptoe , because of his lack of height . Until makes me wonder why parents allow this ? Are they not worried about the safety of their children .

Another incident that made ​​me shocked , when my son tells one of his sisters in the 9th grade class named Iqbal , passed away recently due to jamming tracks . Racing event be as exciting hobby for them .

3 . Inviting the crime

Children who bring these vehicles often become victims of robbery . They are considered to be more easily conquered because the defense is less than the maximum . No exception made ​​by the people closest to the environment around . Such events in Palembang in March 2012. A student ( Rian Charisma ) killed his own ( Satria Wibowo etc. ) in order to master the new bike a month has.

No less sad , as was widely reported on the murder of two brothers Mayang Diyanti ( 11tahun ) and his brother Rezi Triansyah ( 2tahun ) who died after dropping his sister to school . What’s happened is approximately 2km from my house . They are suspected to be victims of robbery because the new Honda Scoopy they drive not found at the site .

The above events are only a small fraction occur . This is precisely what moves my heart to make this paper . Without intending to patronize , just wanted a bit of appeal to the parents , shall be reconsidered to provide motor vehicle facilities for children . Especially are still far below age . Do not let rather than for the sake of time efficiency , facilitate children to school , or the embodiment of compassion for the child , arise have regrets in the future when calamity strikes .

Materi Debat Kedua
Adalah :

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